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We’re pleased to announce that we now offer HydraFacial Skin Treatment.

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Face Peels

Experience the wonderful benefits of our luxurious peels

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LED Light Treatment

For clearer, smoother, tighter, and more radiant skin.

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Intraceuticals Facial Treatment

Used by celebrities, high profile skin care professionals, spa’s and resorts all over the world.

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What Are Facials

A facial begins with an analysis of your skin type. It includes some or all of the following cleansing and conditioning treatments: exfoliation (the removal of dead cells), steaming your face, the application of a special product called a mask, the use of skin care creams to balance both the oil and moisture content of your skin, treatment of blackheads and whiteheads, massage to your face, and the application of toning and sun blocking products. A warm parrafin hand treatment is also included.

Because facials are tailored to meet your unique needs, be prepared to answer questions about your general health, concerns you may have about your skin, and your current skin care regimen.

Before you leave, we will help you set up a routine of home care with carefully chosen skin care products, so the effects of your facial last longer and your skin continues to improve.

You will notice your skin looking and feeling smoother and healthier with your new daily routine that includes the application of sun block and regular facial treatments with Elegant Permanent Cosmetics.
Want to relax with a facial?

Each is customized to your skin type or problem area. Generally, they all include a deep cleaning of the skin followed by products specifically chosen for your skin type, condition and enhancement.



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